For my FMP I created a magazine.. full of black and white imagery, illustrations and text.

"Worlds Apart magazine is a monthly publication. Its purpose is to introduce its readership to the people. Each issue comprises of 4 individuals, featuring 4 unique styles and personalities that differ from one another. Highlighting the importance of image within certain careers and how the way you dress comes with specific stereotypes and preconceptions. Currently focusing on locations around the UK and based in London, this magazine explores how people and their minds are ‘Worlds Apart’. "

It was a rewarding project from start to finish which just reinforced to me that this is the degree and career path that is right for me to pursue. 



Little preview of an exciting project I took part in last month! This shoot was a lot of fun!!



It is currently final major project time on my course so as a form of some initial research I spent a couple of hours people watching around Camden and Covent Garden in order to capture some street style pictures of unaware subjects. (It was surprisingly difficult to go unnoticed!) The backs of people are actually quite interesting.. Do people think of exactly how their outfit will be from behind? Sometimes I feel that image is very much about front on visuals.. Anyway thought I'd share a selection of photographs from yesterday as I liked some of the outfits and styles.



An afternoon trip to the Secret Nuclear Bunker resulted in these photos to use as part of a college project I'm currently working on! It was an interesting location to say the least but I do really like some, if not all of the photographs of my good friend Megan! All 400 of them haha although I must say she's so good to photograph! My 19 shifts in December paid off (literally) and I'm currently writing this post on my new MacBook pro!! No more 5 year old laptop that turns off everytime I moved for me haha anyway I hope everyone had a lovely christmas break and a happy new year!!!!