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I'm going to have to do a charity shop haul post soon as I've done a little bit of shopping, but I do really need to get round to taking some outfit posts, something I'm going to have to add to my never ending to do list!



I've never really entered any competitions before but I've started to lately as you never know! So here is my dream outfit for £200 entry for the Glamorous competition they are currently running for bloggers..

JC Studded Spikes: £139.99
I Love Glamorous Canvas Bag: £2.99
Pewter Disco Shorts: £10.00
Black Roll Neck Crop Top: £10.99
Lolita Boyfriend Jacket: £53.99

All you have to do is create your dream outfit from their website for under £200! The winner then gets £200 to spend online at Glamorous.. I had to make two sets as there was just too many items that took my fancy then I couldn't decide which one I preferred! (and I also wasn't sure if using student discount is okay to get it to under £200)



I'm afraid I'm a Jeffery Campbell lover, 3 pairs and counting but who can blame me! I've just recently received my 3rd pair as a 18th birthday present of my lovely friends.. say hello to the foxy spikes!!!

I wore these out on Friday night.. my feet were a little chilly as I'm used to wearing lita's and socks and England has turned into a very cold place to be, there was even a little snow!! But apart from being cold they were incredibly comfy and a definite statement shoe to an outfit on a night out! No one wanted to mess with me either because of the sharp spikes ;) haha.

A while ago I found that the office eBay account puts shoes that are new with defects on there for auction, lots of JC's, Nikes and other boots and shoes!! All starting at 99p there are definite bargains to be had as a lot of the shoes have little wrong with them! New items are put on often, I've been watching endless pairs of shoes from there waiting for the ones I can get the cheapest, a lot of JC Tardys/Litas/Foxys some have gone for as little as £20/£30!! Crazzzzy! Other shops definitely need to start doing this as a lot of clothes that have defects are easily fixable with a little diy or a wash!

Anyway if you have a love for shoes like me but can't afford to spend loads on each pair like me again this is a great way to pick up a killer pair of shoes for a fraction of the price and as it is a well known company (office) on eBay you know the items are legit and they have a lot of positive feedback! Go grab yourselves a bargain!!



These are 7 items that are currently sitting in my eBay watch list..

1. Black BOY print beanie £9.99.. buy it here.
2. Black studded cheslea boots £26.99.. buy a pair here.
3. Dr Marten style boots £15.99.. buy them here.
4. Arty YSL ring dupe £3.49.. buy it here.
5. Cross stud earings 99p.. buy them here.
6. Velvet skater skirt £11.00.. buy it here.
7. Disco pant leggings copy £17.99.. buy them here.



4. PU MESH £72


A quick browse through topshops new in section and these are just a selection of items I liked, although a few items are a little pricey I think I'm definitely going to go buy that cat tee, practically the opposite of the givenchy rottweiler t shirt which is really nice but I do prefer cats over dogs anyway.. 



A very quick diy..

I was in art doing a bleach and ink piece and ending up spilling the pot of bleach down me.. uh oh so it went on my skirt and the underneath of my coat :( but as the skirt was just a cheap primark one I wasn't too fussed but it did look a little silly with a big orange splodge on it soo this happened..

You will need..
 - cheap household bleach (any type)
 - a cheap black skater skirt
 - a paint brush

Basically I laid out the skirt on a table, as if it was a parachute and put the paint brush into the cup of bleach and dripped it over the edges of the skirt, the bleach then soaked into the skirt and blobs grouped together and some didn't which produced a mixture of sizes of bleach splodges.

Only downside to doing it at sixth form was I was skirtless so thankfully I had a long coat on! It looks really effective when the skirt is on and the colour is really fierce, definitely adds something else to what would normally be a plain skirt.



Some days eBay can either be my best friend or worst enemy.. either way I love it so I'm thinking of doing a weekly post showing what I'm watching, a little like an eBay finds/bargains post. I hope it will be something that people will like seeing..

These are 8 items that are currently on my eBay watch list..

1. Dripping CC nail transfers £2.43 for one pack of 20.. buy them here.
2. Leather look studded skater skirt £11.99.. buy it here.
3. Black creeper/doc style lace up shoe £23.99.. buy them here.
4. Skull bracelet 99p.. buy it here.
5. Satchel handbag £18.00.. buy it here.
6. Black studded chelsea boots £22.99.. buy them here.
7. Gold spiked ear cuff £1.69.. buy it here.
8. Oversized bag £19.99.. buy it here.



You know when you pick up 'that' item, the one which makes you squeal a little inside because you are so excited at what you just found? That's what I find charity shopping to be, the stuff you can dig out and re work/wear/style is really exciting.

So I am a big charity shopper to say the least (hence the blog name), especially when it comes to the 50p charity shop by my granddads house and my local high street so I have a huge back log of clothing and items to post so on a weekly basis I'll do a quick 'charity shop haul' post to show all the bits and pieces I've bought over the past years and I'll make sure I do posts as I buy things from them as well I've not been shopping in them as much lately because I've ran out of coat hangers and room.

'Tartan collared skater style dress' £2.50
One of my most favourite buys ever, bought it a few years ago with the intention of turning it into a crop top and tartan skater skirt (I'm glad I didn't now though)  but as soon as Rihanna rocked the tartan dress and it was in I remembered I had this beauty, I really love the shirt under the tartan skater dress look but this already has a really cute collar on it anyway and looks great with a leather jacket and creepers.

 'Faux fur (pimp) coat' £6 
I bought this over a year ago and it still has the label on! Oooops, I haven't worn it out because it's just so big and I look like a wannabe pimp especially because it's cream but the condition and price made me buy it, how could I say no at £6!!

'Green and brown suede cardi' 50p
I think this could really fit in with the camo trend right now because of the colours, it's such a cosy cardigan so will keep me nice and cosy in the cold weather that we get. It looked like it had hardly been worn and it's a st.michaels (M&S) so is really well made.

'Nike zip up hoodie' £4.00
This was one of them buys you get for the sake of it, honestly I've only ever worn it to and from the gym and I bought it because I thought it was interesting and I liked the colours but it's a cool item to have just not my style at all.
I used to love how cheap charity shops were, anybody else finding the prices are rising too? There was the most amazing old leather biker jacket in one yesterday for £45!!!! Crazzzzzy



I turned 18 last month, on the 22nd and as I'm such an awkward person to buy presents for I asked for money instead and since then I've been going slightly crazy online and shopping a little but too much but maybe my new student discount card made it alright yes? haha.. not that I need an excuse to shop anyway! There's too many things to put in just one post so these are my first two orders.

I've been obsessed with crop tops lately and have been looking everywhere for a long sleeve one so this one from asos was my first purchase, I'm sure you'll see the top used in a few outfit posts. There hasn't been any purses I've liked in the shops for months and I stumbled across this one a while ago when it wasn't in the sale so as soon as I saw it had gone down in price it was in my basket!

Who doesn't love a sale? Office shoes sales prices never seem to disappoint me, I'd been debating whether to buy these black platform shoes for a long time so I snapped them up when I saw they were £15, and these studded sandals are gorgeous and at only £12 it would of been an offence not to get them! I'm gonna have to go away somewhere warm or commit a serious socks and sandals crime to wear them as I don't think I can wait till the english weather decides to warm up again. I also picked up a pair of white platform converse style shoes for £10, thought I would try something a little different as I can't say I own any white or trainer type footwear to wear daily apart from my stunning gym trainers.



I'm a rambler, guilty as charged, when I type I go on and on and on... this is something I hope to work on on here, I can't think of anyone who would want to read paragraphs of waffle from my brain anyway back to what I should be writing about. I've come up with some interesting post ideas from outfits, wish lists, eBay finds, charity shop hauls to nail art and hair tutorials to general lifestyle stuff and I'm aiming to post everyday but realistically 5 times a week at least so hopefully a lot of interesting things to look forward too.

Below is my go to sixth form outfit.. with a few variations as a pair of aviator ray bans and unif hellraisers are still on my wish list.

1. CROP TOPS.. I really can't get enough of them at the moment, I have four colour variations of the topshop one and I love them all as well as a 4/5 other ones. They're a definite necessary basic in any girls wardrobe as they look great teamed with any high waisted bottoms, i.e the staple disco pant, any skater skirt and the levi cut off shorts.  (Topshop, £8)

2. SKATER SKIRTS.. What can you not wear them with.. seriously they are such a great piece of clothing to wear with everything and anything! I live in them during the week for sixth form and at the weekend to go out shopping in, I love finding new ways to style shirts and jumpers over them so I'm always hunting. (Topshop, £16)

3. STUDDED SHOES.. 3 pairs and counting, I probably could of bought the hellraisers with the total of them. As soon as I bought a pair last year they've not been taken off my feet. They definitely add an edge to any outfit, perfect statement shoes!! (Unif Hellraisers)

4. SUNGLASSES.. I always wondered why people wore sunglasses to drive in everyday, and now I've become one of them, I find it weird when I don't wear a pair while driving even in this British weather. I find that aviators suit anyone and look effortlessly cool.. haha. (Ray Bans)

5. COATS.. I've always been a leather jacket lover but I've started to wear longer jackets a lot more. This season leather/tweed/fur is a must have and you can't go wrong with a black/dark jacket, I already have one similar to the above from riverisland as well but a girl can never have too many coats.. (River Island, £85)



I'm definitely a leather jacket girl, I've just recently sold my first ever one I got from tammy girl back when it was a shop.. (How sad is it that I can remember exactly where/when I bought it oops). Anyway when I was out shopping one day I noticed the most amazing jacket in a photo at the front of a topshop store and I instantly said 'that jacket will be mine' a very painful few months of checking topshops leather jacket section practically every other day it was finally there the other week, just after my birthday and on the 20% student discount day as well so of course I ordered it.

Topshop Animal Print Leather Jacket £180 / Premium Painted Leather Skirt £95
The quality of this jacket is absolutely amazing and the detail and pattern even goes into the pockets. In person it really looks as if the design has been hand painted which makes the jacket look really authentic and one off. 

Unfortunately I've just returned it as it didn't fit right on me and I couldn't justify the cost with how much and where I could wear it although if I was a little older and not a student, I would live in it without a doubt. I wish I took some close up pictures of it to go in this post as my words alone really don't explain the jacket as well as it should be described and the picture above is just a silly phone snap!



I'm determined to get back into the blogging scene so this is my new blog, a fresh start for me on here! Basically I've not blogged in a while but I still checked up on all my favorite blogs daily while I've was away. As of yet I'm not entirely sure how much or what exactly I'm going to post but I hope it will be as interesting to other bloggers as their blogs are to me. I'm just going to go with the flow and try and post as frequently as possible.. so enjoy! (I hope)