I'm definitely a leather jacket girl, I've just recently sold my first ever one I got from tammy girl back when it was a shop.. (How sad is it that I can remember exactly where/when I bought it oops). Anyway when I was out shopping one day I noticed the most amazing jacket in a photo at the front of a topshop store and I instantly said 'that jacket will be mine' a very painful few months of checking topshops leather jacket section practically every other day it was finally there the other week, just after my birthday and on the 20% student discount day as well so of course I ordered it.

Topshop Animal Print Leather Jacket £180 / Premium Painted Leather Skirt £95
The quality of this jacket is absolutely amazing and the detail and pattern even goes into the pockets. In person it really looks as if the design has been hand painted which makes the jacket look really authentic and one off. 

Unfortunately I've just returned it as it didn't fit right on me and I couldn't justify the cost with how much and where I could wear it although if I was a little older and not a student, I would live in it without a doubt. I wish I took some close up pictures of it to go in this post as my words alone really don't explain the jacket as well as it should be described and the picture above is just a silly phone snap!

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