I turned 18 last month, on the 22nd and as I'm such an awkward person to buy presents for I asked for money instead and since then I've been going slightly crazy online and shopping a little but too much but maybe my new student discount card made it alright yes? haha.. not that I need an excuse to shop anyway! There's too many things to put in just one post so these are my first two orders.

I've been obsessed with crop tops lately and have been looking everywhere for a long sleeve one so this one from asos was my first purchase, I'm sure you'll see the top used in a few outfit posts. There hasn't been any purses I've liked in the shops for months and I stumbled across this one a while ago when it wasn't in the sale so as soon as I saw it had gone down in price it was in my basket!

Who doesn't love a sale? Office shoes sales prices never seem to disappoint me, I'd been debating whether to buy these black platform shoes for a long time so I snapped them up when I saw they were £15, and these studded sandals are gorgeous and at only £12 it would of been an offence not to get them! I'm gonna have to go away somewhere warm or commit a serious socks and sandals crime to wear them as I don't think I can wait till the english weather decides to warm up again. I also picked up a pair of white platform converse style shoes for £10, thought I would try something a little different as I can't say I own any white or trainer type footwear to wear daily apart from my stunning gym trainers.


  1. ohh nice stuff :D


  2. in love with the shoes!!!

  3. You have a great taste in shoes. Your blog is lovely.
    G xo

  4. Your shoes are amazing, I have the white flatforms in black, one of my best purchase so far


    1. thank you! ahh I think I need to invest in some black ones! x


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