A very quick diy..

I was in art doing a bleach and ink piece and ending up spilling the pot of bleach down me.. uh oh so it went on my skirt and the underneath of my coat :( but as the skirt was just a cheap primark one I wasn't too fussed but it did look a little silly with a big orange splodge on it soo this happened..

You will need..
 - cheap household bleach (any type)
 - a cheap black skater skirt
 - a paint brush

Basically I laid out the skirt on a table, as if it was a parachute and put the paint brush into the cup of bleach and dripped it over the edges of the skirt, the bleach then soaked into the skirt and blobs grouped together and some didn't which produced a mixture of sizes of bleach splodges.

Only downside to doing it at sixth form was I was skirtless so thankfully I had a long coat on! It looks really effective when the skirt is on and the colour is really fierce, definitely adds something else to what would normally be a plain skirt.


  1. Looks great!!

    lucy xo


  2. I'll need to try this myself, looks like something toppers would sell for thirty quid! x

    1. You should, yeaah it does, like it could be done by the ragged priest! X

  3. Such a cool idea! x

  4. this is such a great idea, it's like having a brand new skirt! :) xx

  5. Such a great effect! Makes me think of fire... Really beautiful! x


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