You know when you pick up 'that' item, the one which makes you squeal a little inside because you are so excited at what you just found? That's what I find charity shopping to be, the stuff you can dig out and re work/wear/style is really exciting.

So I am a big charity shopper to say the least (hence the blog name), especially when it comes to the 50p charity shop by my granddads house and my local high street so I have a huge back log of clothing and items to post so on a weekly basis I'll do a quick 'charity shop haul' post to show all the bits and pieces I've bought over the past years and I'll make sure I do posts as I buy things from them as well I've not been shopping in them as much lately because I've ran out of coat hangers and room.

'Tartan collared skater style dress' £2.50
One of my most favourite buys ever, bought it a few years ago with the intention of turning it into a crop top and tartan skater skirt (I'm glad I didn't now though)  but as soon as Rihanna rocked the tartan dress and it was in I remembered I had this beauty, I really love the shirt under the tartan skater dress look but this already has a really cute collar on it anyway and looks great with a leather jacket and creepers.

 'Faux fur (pimp) coat' £6 
I bought this over a year ago and it still has the label on! Oooops, I haven't worn it out because it's just so big and I look like a wannabe pimp especially because it's cream but the condition and price made me buy it, how could I say no at £6!!

'Green and brown suede cardi' 50p
I think this could really fit in with the camo trend right now because of the colours, it's such a cosy cardigan so will keep me nice and cosy in the cold weather that we get. It looked like it had hardly been worn and it's a st.michaels (M&S) so is really well made.

'Nike zip up hoodie' £4.00
This was one of them buys you get for the sake of it, honestly I've only ever worn it to and from the gym and I bought it because I thought it was interesting and I liked the colours but it's a cool item to have just not my style at all.
I used to love how cheap charity shops were, anybody else finding the prices are rising too? There was the most amazing old leather biker jacket in one yesterday for £45!!!! Crazzzzzy


  1. oh my gaza that fur coat was a complete bargin! definitely following to see more of your awesome finds!! x


    1. thank you! definitely following you now after checking out your bloggg! X

  2. that fur coat is love <33

    1. thank you! such a lucky find X

  3. really some amazing finds here, particularly that fur coat, cannot believe it was only £6! i like the idea of your blog.



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