I'm a rambler, guilty as charged, when I type I go on and on and on... this is something I hope to work on on here, I can't think of anyone who would want to read paragraphs of waffle from my brain anyway back to what I should be writing about. I've come up with some interesting post ideas from outfits, wish lists, eBay finds, charity shop hauls to nail art and hair tutorials to general lifestyle stuff and I'm aiming to post everyday but realistically 5 times a week at least so hopefully a lot of interesting things to look forward too.

Below is my go to sixth form outfit.. with a few variations as a pair of aviator ray bans and unif hellraisers are still on my wish list.

1. CROP TOPS.. I really can't get enough of them at the moment, I have four colour variations of the topshop one and I love them all as well as a 4/5 other ones. They're a definite necessary basic in any girls wardrobe as they look great teamed with any high waisted bottoms, i.e the staple disco pant, any skater skirt and the levi cut off shorts.  (Topshop, £8)

2. SKATER SKIRTS.. What can you not wear them with.. seriously they are such a great piece of clothing to wear with everything and anything! I live in them during the week for sixth form and at the weekend to go out shopping in, I love finding new ways to style shirts and jumpers over them so I'm always hunting. (Topshop, £16)

3. STUDDED SHOES.. 3 pairs and counting, I probably could of bought the hellraisers with the total of them. As soon as I bought a pair last year they've not been taken off my feet. They definitely add an edge to any outfit, perfect statement shoes!! (Unif Hellraisers)

4. SUNGLASSES.. I always wondered why people wore sunglasses to drive in everyday, and now I've become one of them, I find it weird when I don't wear a pair while driving even in this British weather. I find that aviators suit anyone and look effortlessly cool.. haha. (Ray Bans)

5. COATS.. I've always been a leather jacket lover but I've started to wear longer jackets a lot more. This season leather/tweed/fur is a must have and you can't go wrong with a black/dark jacket, I already have one similar to the above from riverisland as well but a girl can never have too many coats.. (River Island, £85)


  1. the studded loafers and the burgundy top are my favourite!! great choice!


  2. Anonymous15.10.12

    perfect picks!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?

    1. thank you! yeah sure, followed X

  3. Absolutely need everything here. That coat<3

    ox from NYC!


  4. These studded shoes are amazing! *w*
    Nice blog! (:



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