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I'm going to have to do a charity shop haul post soon as I've done a little bit of shopping, but I do really need to get round to taking some outfit posts, something I'm going to have to add to my never ending to do list!



I've never really entered any competitions before but I've started to lately as you never know! So here is my dream outfit for £200 entry for the Glamorous competition they are currently running for bloggers..

JC Studded Spikes: £139.99
I Love Glamorous Canvas Bag: £2.99
Pewter Disco Shorts: £10.00
Black Roll Neck Crop Top: £10.99
Lolita Boyfriend Jacket: £53.99

All you have to do is create your dream outfit from their website for under £200! The winner then gets £200 to spend online at Glamorous.. I had to make two sets as there was just too many items that took my fancy then I couldn't decide which one I preferred! (and I also wasn't sure if using student discount is okay to get it to under £200)



I'm afraid I'm a Jeffery Campbell lover, 3 pairs and counting but who can blame me! I've just recently received my 3rd pair as a 18th birthday present of my lovely friends.. say hello to the foxy spikes!!!

I wore these out on Friday night.. my feet were a little chilly as I'm used to wearing lita's and socks and England has turned into a very cold place to be, there was even a little snow!! But apart from being cold they were incredibly comfy and a definite statement shoe to an outfit on a night out! No one wanted to mess with me either because of the sharp spikes ;) haha.

A while ago I found that the office eBay account puts shoes that are new with defects on there for auction, lots of JC's, Nikes and other boots and shoes!! All starting at 99p there are definite bargains to be had as a lot of the shoes have little wrong with them! New items are put on often, I've been watching endless pairs of shoes from there waiting for the ones I can get the cheapest, a lot of JC Tardys/Litas/Foxys some have gone for as little as £20/£30!! Crazzzzy! Other shops definitely need to start doing this as a lot of clothes that have defects are easily fixable with a little diy or a wash!

Anyway if you have a love for shoes like me but can't afford to spend loads on each pair like me again this is a great way to pick up a killer pair of shoes for a fraction of the price and as it is a well known company (office) on eBay you know the items are legit and they have a lot of positive feedback! Go grab yourselves a bargain!!