Sky Ferreira for Saint Laurent's Pre Fall 2013 Collection by Hedi Slimane.. wow!!! Can we all just stop and look at Sky, how gorgeous does she look here and look at those clothes! Amazing.

I can't even choose my favourite photograph as they are all stunning but the one directly above is high on the list! I do love the monochrome trend and I think that all of these outfits are really wearable and I would love to have a few pieces from the collection as I would definitely wear these!!

She makes me want to dye my hair back all blonde so bad!! I'm really in need of a hair renewal/revamp! I've been a boring shade of brown for a long time now and been blue and green in between. I also first dip dyed my hair back in early 2011 and after a few months of messing about with multi coloured ends I kept dying brown shades over the top.. it kept creeping and fading back so I let it be, and bleached it a few more times (uh oh). The ends got bad so I went to the hair dressers to have it dyed brown and have 'the smallest possible amount cut off' which turned into a lot of inches :( :( a couple of months later I got the bleach back out as I kept seeing people with ombre hair and missed mine haha! A few weeks ago I got hold of some more bleach and did it a little higher but I don't like it now ooops!! I'm so bad at making decisions with a lot of things but my hair is one I struggle to decide on even when the hair dye is on my head! Helpppp!!

Ps I still can't get over how beautiful Sky is and how talented Hedi Slimane is, what a photographer!



I bought a new pair of boots, the Jeffrey Campbell platranes!! (I was too impatient to order the coltranes from America and didn't fancy paying customs, but after getting these I still want the coltranes! Such a dilemma) They arrived a few days ago and I love them but they make me very tall! Definitely new faves in my shoe collection! They fit perfectly and will make any outfit more interesting! 

Platranes, Jeffrey Campbell via Office £120



I thought I'd do a post about a current (for the past few months) favourite basic in my wardrobe.. the crop top!! I'm afraid that I have one in every possible colour and now sleeve length! Ooops, and even in this weather they are a great staple as I've been layering long sleeve crops over shirts paired with high waisted bottoms such as skater skirts and shorts (obviously with tights now it's -3) haha!!

Anyway I got my lovely best friend to model these for me as I needed to take some photos for a project I am working on! I really need to find someone to take pictures of me for my blog or invest in a tripod unfortunately my family are never willing or around when I ask them too. 

From day..

To night..

Day outfit.. Coat £35 River Island | Fur Collar £3 River Island | Trousers £64 American Apparel | Top £10 Topshop | Hat £5 Ebay | Shoes £80 Topshop | Bag £50 Zara

Night outfit.. Blazer £20 Topshop | Trousers £50 American Apparel | Top £10 Topshop | Clutch £6 Primark | Hat £15 Zara | Shoes £125 Jeffrey Campbell

It's weird seeing someone dressed in your clothes and how you'd normally dress haha! I actually got the AA disco pants when I went to America last June so managed to get them brand new for around £50 as I gave up bidding for endless pairs on ebay but didn't want to stretch to £70 for a pair haha! The easy jeans I bought a few months back when asos had 20% off and I've not taken them off since!! (Slight exaggeration but seriously if you're not usually a fan of jeans like me, they definitely don't disappoint)



A day off due to us English not being able to cope when it snows was benefictial.. to my sleeping pattern! Got to love a lie in on a monday!! I'd love to say I got loads of work done but I didn't, I was however very productive and managed to have some fun in the snow by making a shoeman (does that work? haha) as I'm currently doing my art coursework with shoes as the topic! So armed with some kitchen utensils I attempted to make a boot which turned into more of a trainer, but still at least it was a type of shoe...

Ps look how cute Tilly looked in the snow, she loves playing in it!



A new pair of boots is currently on my shopping list, I've been lusting after the JC Coltrane boots for a long time now and I think it's finally time for me to man up and spend some £££ on them but then Topshop brought out a few pairs of cut out buckle boots.. All I know is I need a pair of these to belong in both my boot and Jeffrey Campbell collections!!

Now which pair to buy? The prices of these range from £85 to over £1000. Obviously the Balenciaga pair are wayyyy over anything I could afford to wear on my feet.. but aren't they just amazing! Imagine the quality and I love the contrast between the gold and silver buckles. 

I do like the Arabel Cut Out Boots that Topshop have brought out, especially the studded pair and the fact that student discount would get me a little extra off the £85-£90 price tag is appealing and that they are both affordable and fit the criteria I want in a pair of boots. 

The JC Roscoe boots are one of my favourites but they are sold out practically everywhere although there is a pair in my size currently on eBay so I'll be watching them for sure! 

I love the Coltrane boots but I can't find anywhere to get them in the UK for a good price and I'm not a fan of having to pay customs but I'm weighing up the options and I think I'm gonna have to man up and do it to own a pair!

Office have the Platrane boots in stock and for £120!! I think I'm going to have to head down to an office store and hope they have them in so I can try a pair on to see if they suit me!  



Here's a few photos I took yesterday of my friend Bethany.. with a quick instagram filter edit haha, I'm looking forward to sorting them all out and editing them! I finally feel like I'm being productive/getting somewhere with this work but I've got a lot to do and get done!! Hello my never ending to do list..



I think my hands have only just got back to a normal temperature and I've been hibernating inside for over 4 hours after taking these!! How cold does the weather want to be! My body cannot handle it.. poor toes and fingers!

I'd finally found my camera charger and had the battery all charged up so me and a friend took advantage of this and the beautiful surroundings that the snow brings and ventured into the forest. I'm really pleased with the pictures as I needed to take some of my friend for my work I had to do it what ever the weather but the snow made a lovely back drop! I woke up to snow falling despite it not being forecast that early, and it didn't stop snowing for hours so when we went to take the pictures the snow was in full effect, blinding us and completely covering our hair and clothes. I didn't dress to take pictures of me but seeing as I wasn't in ski gear or trackies I thought I may as well do an outfit post for once!! If I'd of known I would have tamed my natural hair so sorry haha.

Docs £29.99 TKmaxx | Coat £75 RiverIsland | Denim shirt £30 Topshop | White tee £1.75 Forever21 | Skirt £16 Topshop

This photo doesn't fully show how red my fingers went!! And I was wearing thermal gloves.. cold weather just isn't for me! Lots of layers did keep me warm elsewhere though and my trusty docs didn't disappoint as they held up well grip wise! I'm wearing my favourite, go to coat! Without layers on it's not so cosy but it makes up for its lack of warmth on the appearance front.



I need to become a better blogger!! A late new years resolution maybe? haha anyway I've just had my Media Studies coursework sent off, it's all posted on blogger (rubystrikermedia.blogspot.com) so I've been permanently logged into that account on here, hopefully it wont be moderated as I'm actually really pleased with my current mark and proud of what my group achieved! UCAS and everything that comes along with it has been a big part of my life for the past few months, as I'm sure it is of other people applying to University as well, I've got my first reply back for an interview so I've been busy sorting out portfolios for that while working on my other A Level coursework projects! Not enough time to get it all done as usual but it will all be worth it.. (I hope) haha.

This is turning out to be a very text heavy post.. sorry!! I've missed out on the opportunity to post about this christmas, sale shopping and new years and this years trends. Am I allowed to do them in mid jan? I hope so haha!! I've not posted very regularly on any social media sites over the past month (expect a few tweets a day..) but here is my past month or so on Instagram!!