I think my hands have only just got back to a normal temperature and I've been hibernating inside for over 4 hours after taking these!! How cold does the weather want to be! My body cannot handle it.. poor toes and fingers!

I'd finally found my camera charger and had the battery all charged up so me and a friend took advantage of this and the beautiful surroundings that the snow brings and ventured into the forest. I'm really pleased with the pictures as I needed to take some of my friend for my work I had to do it what ever the weather but the snow made a lovely back drop! I woke up to snow falling despite it not being forecast that early, and it didn't stop snowing for hours so when we went to take the pictures the snow was in full effect, blinding us and completely covering our hair and clothes. I didn't dress to take pictures of me but seeing as I wasn't in ski gear or trackies I thought I may as well do an outfit post for once!! If I'd of known I would have tamed my natural hair so sorry haha.

Docs £29.99 TKmaxx | Coat £75 RiverIsland | Denim shirt £30 Topshop | White tee £1.75 Forever21 | Skirt £16 Topshop

This photo doesn't fully show how red my fingers went!! And I was wearing thermal gloves.. cold weather just isn't for me! Lots of layers did keep me warm elsewhere though and my trusty docs didn't disappoint as they held up well grip wise! I'm wearing my favourite, go to coat! Without layers on it's not so cosy but it makes up for its lack of warmth on the appearance front.


  1. Stunning photos , love your hat xx

  2. Everything is perfect here OMG, you're so stunning! And your sense of style is gorgeous.. Seriously loving this look on you, perfect for the winter! But brrr, looks cold!

    Btw your blog layout is so pretty! Great job :D

    xx Nita

  3. These photos are great! And docs for £29.99?! What a bargain!!Xx


    1. Thank you! And I know, couldn't believe it when I saw them in there let alone for that price!


  4. wow, love your hat <3

  5. you are so talented!


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