Sky Ferreira for Saint Laurent's Pre Fall 2013 Collection by Hedi Slimane.. wow!!! Can we all just stop and look at Sky, how gorgeous does she look here and look at those clothes! Amazing.

I can't even choose my favourite photograph as they are all stunning but the one directly above is high on the list! I do love the monochrome trend and I think that all of these outfits are really wearable and I would love to have a few pieces from the collection as I would definitely wear these!!

She makes me want to dye my hair back all blonde so bad!! I'm really in need of a hair renewal/revamp! I've been a boring shade of brown for a long time now and been blue and green in between. I also first dip dyed my hair back in early 2011 and after a few months of messing about with multi coloured ends I kept dying brown shades over the top.. it kept creeping and fading back so I let it be, and bleached it a few more times (uh oh). The ends got bad so I went to the hair dressers to have it dyed brown and have 'the smallest possible amount cut off' which turned into a lot of inches :( :( a couple of months later I got the bleach back out as I kept seeing people with ombre hair and missed mine haha! A few weeks ago I got hold of some more bleach and did it a little higher but I don't like it now ooops!! I'm so bad at making decisions with a lot of things but my hair is one I struggle to decide on even when the hair dye is on my head! Helpppp!!

Ps I still can't get over how beautiful Sky is and how talented Hedi Slimane is, what a photographer!


  1. Wow this looks great and what a beautiful collection x


  2. perfect pics, perfect style! so inspiring


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