Just a quick post as I've been online 'window' shopping all day, I have realised I need to spend money on a few new decent basics. I've been in need of a new bag for quite some time, my trusty zara basic tote has had a good amount of months situated on my arm and it's time for me to find another perfect black bag. One that will fit all the stupid necessities I insist on carrying around with me.. i.e a big make-up bag, perfume, purse and lots of other odd bits. I've been looking around for a while and just not managed to find a bag I like which is annoying as I only have a few criterias, it must be black, basic and big.
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My mother hates this hat.. sorry mum! More photographs of my friend Bethany from the snow day last month, this is the last lot I have to share from then.. promise! This outfit reminded me of a childlike take on the 90's.. crop tops, beanies, docs and dungarees. Sorted! I've ordered a tripod so maybe I'll actually put up some outfit posts of me soon as I always wear things then regret not getting anyone to snap a picture of whatever I'm dressed in! Why can't I have a photographer on hand when I need one.

 So happy that it is now half term but this week is going to be far from relaxing and the weekends already gone way to quickly already!! Anyway I'm of to Birmingham tomorrow as I have an interview in the morning on Wednesday, the more I've read about the course I've applied for the more I want to do it! Ahh hopefully all goes well, I've been busy portfolio prepping for the past few days, something which I'm struggling with.. I can't decide what to include/not include! Ooops! 



I've managed to pick up a few sale gems over the past month but actually found my favourite items over the past few days! I always end up finding great items in my size that are exactly what I want in the end of the sales when they've been ridiculously reduced.. fate?? I really enjoy looking at what other people have bought on their blogs and in the future I'll be able to see what I've bought!

Jeffrey Campbell via Office £40

Miss Selfridge £34

Topshop, £20

Topshop £15

Topshop, £10

Topshop £10

Topshop, £20
This looks like a topshop sale sponsored post but it's only because I tend to only buy from there when things go into the sale to save a few £££! I like adding up what I would of spent if I was to buy these items at full price, it's a lot! Also sorry for the photo heavy post, there was quite a few more items I decided not to add in, mainly accessories. I managed to pick up a stripey high waisted bikini from topshop for a fiver!! I also got a big black chunky knit scarf from there. I also got this jumper, and I love it!! It's in the wash right now as I've lived in it for the past week or so, so cosy and monochrome check! I got a few bits from riverisland, a grey fur collar for three pound, the skirt that featured in this post and also the grey tweed coat in this one. Lastly I've been after a leather skirt for a while so I bought one from asos for £20 down from £65, it didn't photograph well but I'm sure I'll feature it on here soon!



I don't put enough photos on instagram to make this a weekly or even fortnightly feature so for now it will be a monthly post I guess! (Although I am due for a much needed phone upgrade very soon!!)

You can tell I am loving my platranes!! Wore them from around two in the afternoon till gone three in the morning and my feet were absolutely fine! No where near as much pain my feet get in from going out in heels alll night, I think I am going to have to wear these clubbing as I don't need heels for the height, I'd rather be able to be dancing still at 2am rather than complaining about how much my feet are hurting!! 

This year is going by way too fast already, how is it already february?? Crazzzzy!! And finally I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the 50 amazing people that have followed me! I logged in and saw that I now have 50 followers so thank you, I'm pleased that there are that many people that want to keep updated with my blog!! If/when I reach 100 I'd like to do a giveaway maybe or something else to say thank you! I was also thinking about doing a '50 things about me' post to celebrate in a way however I don't think I would be able to manage that many but we'll see!! 



boy london hat / gold rings / biker leather jacket / gold chain necklace / black leather look nails / unif hellraisers / lady million / basic messenger bag

I've been browsing online for the past hour or so and the only thing I've gained is a long shopping list and baskets full of items totaling in excess of a grand! At least my bank balance hasn't decreased but I'm definitely going to have to buy the black version of that brown bag from zara! Such a beauty! Anyway these are just some items that have taken my fancy tonight! 

Lately a lot has been happening! I've nearly finished my art coursework, got the title for my exam and got responses for all my uni applications through ucas! Which means more interview preparing and portfolio creating!! Today I went to my Aunts wedding and it was really lovely! My Grandad gave her away at the age of 90 and it was a nice, personal ceremony with a pub meal and lots of drinks afterwords. I can't say I'm a fan of weddings but I'm looking forward to the reception tomorrow though as it's in a massive marquee behind the house, with my dads band playing, lots of drinks and dancing with my family which is always nice!



A few more photographs from a little shoot in the snow I did of my friend Bethany! I've never really worn long skirts before but I picked up this maxi split skirt for a tenner in the sale from river island so this is one way I would style it I guess..



I've got loads of interviews coming up so I was playing around on polyvore trying to get some inspiration and plan something to wear (in a break from portfolio preparing and coursework) which ticked all the imaginary boxes in my head and made me look presentable and all of that usual stuff.. anyway I got a little carried away and created this set. If only money was no object! Although I think I need to invest in some velvet docs!!!
Anyway this was just a quick post to give me an excuse to say  a huuuge thank you to Farrah for this lovely post, never ever did I think I'd feature in a favourite blog post especially not after such little time blogging! Go check out her blog!

I'm also in the process of planning a charity shop vs high street post.. basically comparing practically identical  items of clothing that I've managed to pick up in charity shops which are selling for ridiculous times the price on the high street! So hopefully you'll have that to look forward to if that would be something you all would be interesting in reading.. I hope so anyway haha!



I have phases with eBay, some weeks I love it the next it won't even cross my mind to go on to it. Anyway these are five items currently sat in my watchlist..

1. Studded black platforms £8.99.. buy them here.
2. Black studded beanie hat £5.00.. buy it here.
3. Collar studs £1.29.. buy it here.
4. Studded nail art decorations £1.82.. buy it here.
5. Studded black bag £13.49.. buy it here.