As of friday I am now officially done with A Level art!!! With one exam next month and then a great summer ahead I can't wait to start blogging again properly and regularly! I've hardly been on any social networking sites asides from Instagram and sometimes Twitter so I promise it's not just blogging I've been neglecting, it's the internet in general! I wanted to focus on doing well and enjoying the last few months of sixth form before everyone goes off to new places! Anyway I've got loads of blogs to catch up on and I can't wait to sit and read through everything I have missed.. it has been a while. Here's the past few months of what has been going on in my life..

end of sixth form ball/nails/my girls/new tiny tattoo/buttons on me/snoop dogg app/new JC roscoes/pink lipstick/new JC coltranes/sunday dinner of a fussy eater/final A Level exam piece

buttons in raybans/my exam canvas/topshop delivery/buttons/new iPhone/shameless selfie/tilly asleep/poundland silver wig/another new lipstick/late night reading/saint laurent paris/beth and me before drinks


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