Here in the UK it is well and truly coat weather! The sun that is currently shinning through my blinds is deceiving me because I know how cold it is out there.. Last month I purchased this coat from ASOS. A black mac has been on my shopping list for quite a while now and I was on the hunt for a new biker style coat as my trusty black faux leather sleeved River Island one is looking a bit worn after a lot of wear and love from me. While having a browse online in search for the coat of my dreams ASOS was my first stop and my last, in this case I found it first time haha! This coat is perfect for my taste, the gold detailing matches my well loved JC Roscoes and the numerous gold rings I've collected. The mix of biker and mac is perfect and it is a two in one coat for me as I now have a new biker style coat and mac for the price of one! The fit is flattering and it looks good undone or done up, I love the way it has been styled on the website. It comes in both mink and black and it's currently on sale for £52.50!! 
ASOS Skater Biker Mac


  1. Awesome coat!
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  2. Omgggg, this coat is actually heaven. I need it.


  3. It's definitely way too cold in the UK atm, but this coat should sort you out. It's gorgeous, love the style of it xx


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