When I checked my bank balance on Tuesday I had been paid earlier than expected, how could I not spend the past two days browsing online wondering how to spend my wages.. Now the majority of these items are on the way to me. I'm currently saving up for a macbook but  if you can't treat yourself on payday when can you! Whistles currently have 20% off everything till the 2nd of December so I finally bought the jacket I've been lusting after for the past couple of months! I'm having yet another much needed wardrobe clear out.. I feel like I have definitely left my hoarding ways behind me! Anyone else struggle to part with clothing and shoes and bags etc? I always thought that I'd regret selling or charity shopping my clothes, keeping everything just in case there was an occasion where I fancied wearing bits again but in all honestly I haven't even thought about wearing everything I got rid off (Sorry). I think I have this tendency to keep things, a lot of things, thinking that I will need them but deep down knowing I will never ever use them again.


  1. Ahh love everything, nothing better than black xx



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