A quick update of my Instagram uploads from all the way back in September.. Sometimes life takes over, at other times its work or education or your social life etc but unfortunately for me I was taken over for the past few months by a not so lovely virus which really took it's tole on my body. Granted I did get to spend a lot of time in bed but most of that was spent feeling sorry for myself - unable to achieve as much as I'd of liked to did get a little frustrating however alone time is good for the mind and a lot of things in my life became a lot clearer.

before work / lots of photos of beth by me / endless artist research / grandads 91st / saatchi / kate moss vogue / halloween / cat & dog

mandela doodles when bedbound / photobooth / bleach london dye / my illustration work / 19th bday / jamie laing / itunes festival  / £20 white leather jacket / 6am sunday sunrise at work

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